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I take responsibility for my work and I take pride in what I produce

Kae brainstorming with classmates at an Elite Curriculum session on the social elements that create culture. This activity helps students understand how cultural values are reflected in college application essays.

I think beyond traditional boundaries to enrich my life and my community

Clara Zhao’s submissions for EBF’s independent reading project, where she graphically and verbally expressed her reactions to Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye using Adobe Indesign.

I cultivate my confidence and skills to succeed in my ambitions

EBF Summer Course students Amber (left) and Jessica (right) writing on the lawn of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England. The reflections they crafted here were developed into a three-week project examining the history and culture of England.

I put my aspirations before college rankings and quantitative barometers

Molly (left) meeting with her mentor Alex (right) discussing strategies to apply Molly’s theoretical knowledge of developmental psychology to social volunteerism, and how to bring her ongoing psychology projects to university

I come together with people from different intellectual and cultural backgrounds to achieve shared goals

Lillian, Annie, and UK Head Teacher Charles (left to right) at a Happiness Advantage Workshop, sharing their self-analysis and exploring the influences on their personality.