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Matriculation Student admitted to EBF Psychometric Assessment and Evaluation Gauging individual needs for bespoke education ECAs Program Focused activity guidance to develop skills, achieve a measurable impact, and strengthen applications Major Exploration Investigation to determine best-suited academic discipline Activity Planning Tailoring activities to complement university applications Planning and Advice Monthly reports target academic and extracurricular improvements Education Institution Selection Guidance Expert guidance on school selection Application Process Guidance Specialized support on all application requirements Acceptance Student is accepted to universities Further Study Workshops, classes, and tools prepare student for university life Graduation Student graduates from EBF Standardized Testing Plan Personalized plan for standardized testing A Better Future

College Counseling

Planning and Advice

Students are given bespoke advice on their current academic performance and the university best suited to them. Students get monthly evaluation reports that identify the areas they need to improve and academic planning to address those issues.

Major Exploration

Students are guided through the process of choosing the academic discipline they want to study at university through in-depth analysis of a wide range of factors, including academic performance, preferences and intended career path. Students then are introduced to leading education institutions in the related field.

Application Process Guidance

Students receive specialized support and guidance by experienced mentors throughout the application process with support on application essays, interview techniques and academic performance.

Education Institution Selection Guidance

Students receive expert guidance on selecting education institutions based on a wide range of factors, including academic performance, extracurricular portfolio, course preferences, location and learning environment.

Activity Planning

Students are given personalized guidance on their extracurricular pursuits with an emphasis on tailoring activities to complement university applications.

Elite Curriculum

Writing Curriculum

Tailored to fit students’ varying needs as they progress through high school, the curriculum guides students through everything from creative and analytical writing to application essays, building the writing skills they will need to be successful in the future.

Reading Curriculum

Through stimulating one-on-one and group sessions, the reading curriculum fosters a love of reading and develops students' ability to form and justify their own opinions.

Interview Curriculum

Through creative group sessions and bespoke interview training students learn the key abilities required for a successful interview. Students receive individualized development plans with written, oral and video feedback.

Movie Night

Movie Nights presents films thematically and introduces them with a reflective discussion covering everything from cultural context to cinematography. Discussions empower students to come to their own critical opinion about context, motifs, subtext and themes.

LAMDA Public Speaking Curriculum

Established in 1861 LAMDA is Britain's oldest assessment center for public speaking. Former alumni included Kim Cattrall and Benedict Cumberbatch. EBF is LAMDA's only assessment center in Shanghai.

Learning Tools


Consistent practice reading and discussing high quality, well written articles on contemporary events, improving students' comprehension, analytical skills, and verbal reasoning.

Academic Viewpoint

Gives students access to university level articles on their intended major, while improving students' subject knowledge, analytical skills, and reasoning.

Write Away

A selection of thought-provoking writing prompts that build students' writing abilities in a variety of applications, including academic, creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Through consistent practice students find their own voice.


Bespoke discussions on challenging books that provide additional intellectual stimulation to students who are already strong readers.


An entertaining, interactive set of challenges that push students to spend time reading and building knowledge through a wide variety of books.


Supplementary materials that support students attending reading sessions by promoting deep reading and stimulating analysis.

Question Time

Interview training that improves students' question answering abilities, analytical skills, and self-expression in preparation for interviews of all varieties.


Newletter that keeps students aware of activities within EBF and beyond, builds community within the EBF family, and celebrates student achievements.

Holistic Development

Psychometric Assessment and Evaluation

Students participate in cutting-edge psychometric assessments and the subsequent evaluation reports allow EBF to understand each student's individual needs. This is vital as the basis for the bespoke education counseling and mentoring services provided.

Career Planning Workshop

Students are given practical, comprehensive guidance on career planning and choosing a field of study during university applications.

Happiness Advantages Workshop

Students are taught how to deal with the different types of stress encountered during their academic careers and the application process for studying abroad. The courses are open to parents who may also share similar concerns. The workshops provide concrete methods to maintain a healthy outlook on life.

Lecture Series

EBF invites special guests, who are leading figures within arts and culture to give valuable insight into their career. Students will have opportunities to ask questions and interact with guests.


Students are encouraged to take part in sports on a regular basis for their wellbeing, to learn about different cultures and learn the teamwork and respect sport instills. EBF organizes sports events for student athletes of all levels.